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A3: We change the few who change the many.

A3 nurtures intentional learning communities to build and sustain Christ's leaders around the world.

About A3

We are a leader development group that accelerates the capacity of leaders. We equip and unify leaders through a deep learning community, so they experience change from the inside out and hopefully make a significant Kingdom impact. It all starts with selecting key servant leaders.

A3 Leaders

A3 leaders are carrying the opportunity to reach many people in their local communities with the transforming message of Jesus Christ. They are positioned and poised to grow alongside other leaders with shared purpose.

A3 is a vibrant global community of leaders in over twenty countries, striving to unite the church, establish missional businesses, extend the Kingdom, and transform the world's cultures for the glory of God.

Helping Leaders Thrive

A3 is a vibrant community that moves the needle. We are a leader development group that identifies and develops the right leaders at the right time through the right process, so they can be released to make the greatest Kingdom impact across Asia.

We sustain change through a proven process that takes the region’s most promising leaders and equips them to have a disproportionately significant impact in their countries, cultures and continent. 

Our focus is on intentionally training a few key leaders at a time, through a 2-year transformational process, so they can lead the church with vision, character and competence. We are becoming a vibrant community of leaders in twenty countries of Asia, striving to unite the church, extend the Kingdom, and transform the cultures of Asia for the glory of God.

A3 is a vibrant community devoted to helping leaders thrive—


DEVELOP.  > shape & sharpen

A3 is a vibrant community that develops leaders.

Our community is committed to life-long development: being developed personally as well as developing other leaders. We aim to develop:

  • more Christ-like pastors to lead the church with vision, character and competence.
  • pastors who are better equipped to lead their congregations in countries where Christians are persecuted.
  • church leaders who are less likely to drop out of ministry due to burnout or moral failure.
  • leaders with the vision to multiply faith communities that will transform lives.

MULTIPLY.  > reproduce & thrive

A3 is a vibrant community that seeks to multiply.

We are committed to reproduction on all levels:

  • Personal Multiplication: We are leaders serving leaders.
  • Leaders and Disciples: Develop leaders who reproduce themselves in others—leaders who can multiply disciples.
  • Congregations & Churches: We want to develop leaders who multiply churches that impact their communities, reach new believers, and reproduce churches.

TRANSFORM.  > recreate, reshape & recolor

A3 is a vibrant community of people seeking initially to be personally transformed, but then also to transform our world.

God is the One who transforms. But our responsibility is to cooperate with His Spirit working in us. We strive to submit to His transforming power both personally and corporately. In developing leaders, A3 contributes by creating a safe community. This is an environment that leads to a transformational process in participants and, hopefully, in their world. Transformation—whether it's in a church, a family, a neighborhood, a city, a nation—always begins with transformation in the lives of individuals and then moves outward. Broader change ignites from the transformation of the individual leader, and so that is precisely where A2 focuses its energies.


The A2 Community 


13 Countries and Growing...

We are now fully operational in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka plus three additional countries with select pastors/leaders and faculty. Furthermore, A3 is working toward expanding to 20 countries by 2020.

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