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• Community Leadership Awards. Since 2004, ASPIRE has recognized community leaders for their efforts. Nominations come from other community groups. Click here to see a list of 2013 winners and click here to see a list of past winners.

• The mission of ASPIRE is to create and implement solutions to present and future needs in order to enhance the lives of Severna Park residents.

• ASPIRE was founded in 1994 by a community planning task force that grew out of a joint effort of the Greater Severna Park Council and Greater Severna Park Chamber of Commerce.

• ASPIRE’s founders recognized that both the Greater Severna Park Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Severna Park Council are important forces in our community, with powerful missions. But all agreed that a new type of independent organization with a totally proactive role was needed. This organization should reach out, through community leaders, to the various constituencies and organization within the community, including the Chamber and Council, with the goal of building a better future for Severna Park.

• After much consideration, the founders felt that the mission of a proactive organization could be best achieved through establishing a 501(c)3 organization. Using the basis of “relieving the burdens of government,” ASPIRE received its tax exempt status in 1994 and this status became permanent in 1999.

• As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, ASPIRE is supported by donations and memberships from individuals, businesses and grants. Donations and memberships are tax deductible as charitable donations.

• ASPIRE is committed to community improvement and has worked cooperatively with other Severna Park organizations to launch new projects, including the Hatton-Regester Green (Friends of the B & A Trail) and the performing arts deck at the Community Center.

• The scope of ASPIRE’s work is deliberately broad and can include: beautification, community planning, environmental health, community enhancements, revitalization projects, cultural arts activities, and historic preservation.

• ASPIRE members, as individuals, were directly involved in the creation of the Severna Park Small Area Plan (a segment of AA County General Development Plan).


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