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Founded in 1976 and established in 1986 as a nonprofit organization, the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education, Inc. (AEEE) is a regional association of Academic professionals, administrators, faculty, staff, student alumni, parents and policy makers dedicated to serve and further the opportunities for low-income, first-generation students, veterans and students with disabilities in New York and New Jersey. 

Through numerous membership services and opportunities, AEEE works in conjunction with colleges, universities, and agencies that host TRIO programs to specifically help low-income students enter in and graduate from college. Annually over 33,000 low-income students and students with disabilities each year receive college access and retention services through our member 142 colleges and agencies New York and New Jersey.

AEEE brings together TRIO program professionals, educators and other individuals who have shared similar interests and advocate for the educational and cultural development of all underrepresented and underserved populations served by TRIO programs throughout the New York and New Jersey region. The Association offers access to and opportunity for growth through professional development, collegial assistance and support, scholarship and much more for program personnel, interested individuals and students alike.

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Association for Equality and Excellence in Education Inc

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