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On May 24, 2016 in honor of KY Gives Day, we are challenging our supporters to give a one-time gift, above their normal annual giving, towards the purchase of critical equipment needed for our ultrasound machine.  We are thrilled to share that a supporting family is offering a dollar-for-dollar match up to $5,000 on KY Gives Day.  Your investment will be doubled!!!

This new equipment, which will cost upwards of $10,000, was not an anticipated need and so it is beyond our budgeted expenses for 2016.   But God is not surprised by this need and we believe He will call on individuals, families, businesses and churches to give a one-time donation above and beyond what they would normally give to Assurance this year to ensure that we can continue to offer free, life-saving ultrasounds to those facing unplanned pregnancies on our community.  Let’s make the most of this amazing opportunity!

What difference does our ultrasound service make?  Here are just two stories illustrating the miracle moment when a woman planning to abort sees her child through an ultrasound and instead chooses life!

“I was on drugs.  It was probably the worst time in my life.  Then I found out I was pregnant.  I just dropped to my knees and cried because I just felt helpless. There’s no way that I can keep this child.

I remember when we did my ultrasound and something in me just clicked. He already had fingernails and toes and a heartbeat.   The second I saw him was the second I decided to keep him and try as much as I could to turn my life around.  I guess part of me knew that God had put that child in my life for a very good reason.

Bryson is great.  He is the light of my life and I couldn’t imagine life without him.  I feel blessed to be his mother.  I feel like I have gone from a homeless junky sleeping in my car to a good mother. 

You saved Bryson’s life.  Saving Bryson’s life saved my life.”- Alex

“I was raised in church. I’m a preacher’s daughter. I spent as much time in church as I did in school.  I knew better.  I’m not keeping this kid.  No one will know.  Then I came to Assurance.

The ultrasound solidified I can’t have an abortion.  I can’t.  There’s a heartbeat.  There’s a person.

I thank God a lot for blessing me with a girl.  I pray for her a lot, especially when she is asleep, that her life will not be in vain.  Because she almost didn’t have life. I’m beyond grateful.”- Sundi

Assurance is a state-licensed medical clinic and nonprofit organization serving women and men of all ages facing unplanned pregnancies.  All services are free and confidential including:

  • pregnancy tests
  • ultrasounds
  • compassionate counseling
  • info on all options- abortion, parenting & adoption

We also provide support services to those struggling with past abortions and present information about the risks of casual sex in area middle and high schools.

Assurance fills a necessary and unique role in offering those facing unplanned pregnancies a safe place to take a deep breath and consider their circumstances, options, and future without being pressured in any direction. Our commitment to our clients is that in us they will find no judgment, no pressure, just help. 

We meet the clients where they are and extend great compassion, care, concern, and critical information to empower them in their decision making.  Because we are a professional, licensed medical clinic, they are able to receive crucial and reliable medical information before they make their choice. We are equipped with a trained professional and peer counseling staff that can explore the emotional, physical and spiritual concerns of the client related to their situation and the options available to them. 

Our male staff and volunteers meet with the men who come with the women to appointments. Fathers, therefore, are empowered and encouraged to step up and serve a strong role of support and care. 

We survey our clients, including those planning to abort, parent and place for adoption, to ensure that we are meeting our commitment to them and are encouraged by the results:

  • 98% of clients felt the information and services they received were helpful.
  • 100% of clients felt, regardless of their beliefs, the staff was respectful.
  •  99% of clients would recommend Assurance to a friend who is facing a possible pregnancy.

Thank you for your support of Assurance!


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