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About 2-3 of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with hearing loss and 92% of these children are born to hearing parents.

The Auditory-Verbal Center, Inc., provides the Gift of Sound & Voice by teaching deaf and hard of hearing children to listen and speak. We serve children all over the state of Georgia and for those who are not near one of our locations, we offer teletherapy.

On average, we serve 126 clients weekly in the Auditory-Verbal Therapy program which is over 3,600 therapy sessions a year. Once these clients graduate from our program, they are mainstreamed into classrooms with typical hearing peers enjoying all the things we take for granted.

With 65% of our clients on Medicaid (which only pays 15% of the auditory-verbal therapy cost), we need your support to help these children have access to our services so they can also learn to listen and speak. On average, we provide over $1,020,000 in scholarships and insurance discounts. We have also provided loaner teletherapy tablet kits and installed internet into homes for families who do not have access to internet or a webcam. We do everything we can to make sure no child is left behind.

We hope you will consider making a generous donation of cash, stock, or IRA so we can continue to help even more. It will make a world of difference, I promise you.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship. We simply can’t do it without you.

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