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A community thrives when all members feel welcome and can enjoy the benefits of the natural world.

A 2021 report to the National Climate Task Force states that “As a result of discrimination and segregation in housing, transportation, conservation and natural resource policy, communities of color…have disproportionately less access to nature’s benefits, such as clean water, clean air and access to nature.”

It's clear that lack of diversity is impeding environmental equity and limiting effective conservation action. A bold combination of scientific and community-based approaches can rectify this reality.

Since 2013, the National Audubon Society has piloted and expanded the Wild Indigo Nature Explorations program, dedicated to strengthening the connection between healthy natural habitats and healthy urban communities. 

Nature-based activities are tailored for diverse communities across the country to address concerns around accessibility, safety, and wellness, while also leading to local conservation impacts. 

Nature Explorations programs and activities take place here:

Chicago, IL  |  Gary, IN   Lake County, IL  |  Detroit, MI   |  Milwaukee, WI  |  Phoenix, AZ

Your donation to A Community Thrives supports the future of the Nature Explorations program, as it continues to:

  • Build programs in collaboration with community: Together with local partners and community members, Nature Explorations Fellows and staff help to address the barriers that make natural spaces inaccessible to communities of color and begin to dismantle perceptions that nature is not for them. 
  • Develop a diverse leadership pipeline: The Nature Explorations program leverages training and professional development opportunities to educate and inspire a group of diverse conservation leaders, building on a track record of placing its Fellows in permanent positions within the conservation field.
  • Build healthier communities: Communities of color benefit from an ongoing mix of virtual and social activities that connect them to nature, utilizing healthy natural habitats to promote healthy communities.
  • Advocate for environmental social justice: The environment - clean water, clean air, healthy land - and its enjoyment by all is a matter of social justice.


About the National Audubon Society - Founded in 1905, Audubon has been instrumental in some of the most successful, important conservation initiatives by centering on birds. Our legacy is built on science, education, advocacy, and on-the-ground conservation and the efforts of state/regional offices, 450+ local chapters and 41 centers and sanctuaries.  We forge connections between our communities and the natural world, engage in scientific discovery, educate about the environment, and care for the wildlife habitat that we steward.  

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