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What if we had a secret ingredient that would insure that our young people would perform better at complex, higher-order thinking tasks, mathematics and verbal skills? What if that same ingredient could help us keep kids in school, improve their self-esteem and their behavior, and make them better and more-involved community citizens? 

What if that ingredient also helped build more vibrant communities, supported local jobs, tourism and retail services, and attracted new high-wage jobs and employees?

The ingredient isn’t a secret. It is found in a healthy and vibrant arts and culture industry.  Study after study proves that the arts promote better learning among our young people and better quality of life and economic vitality in our communities.

Yet, nonprofit arts and culture organizations in Arizona are struggling after years of economic recession, and they are not getting the attention or the support they deserve.

Arizona Citizens for the Arts acts as the eyes, ears and voice of arts and culture in our state and works with our community leaders committed to revitalizing Arizona.

We speak up for support for arts and culture at the State Legislature, in local city halls, in the education community and with local business and community leaders. We are there to make sure they understand the incredible power of arts and culture to help rebuild Arizona.

AzCA is proud to work on behalf of more than 90 arts organization members and 5,000 citizens advocates.

In 2014,  we're working to insure that arts and culture supporters all over Arizona are  equipped to "VotesmART" in the fall elections. Through a web-based media campaign, AzCA is educating voter and candidates about how arts and culture improves our communities, our economy and our schools -- if candidates are elected who share our values about their importance.

VotesmART is nonpartisan, and does NOT endorse candidates. But the campaign will work hard to increase voter turnout among voters who understand and appreciate the importance of arts and culture in our state. 

Your vote is your voice. VotesmART will help voters speak up for arts and culture when they go to the polls in the fall.

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