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Our Mission

Back to the Bible helps people move closer to Jesus on a daily basis in a way that leads to renewed hope and life transformation. And after 76 years of ministry, we have learned a few things as we have sought to faithfully move people forward in their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ by bringing them back to the Bible.

Impacting Lives

Recently, we have developed a spiritual growth app called goTandem. Our app has proven to facilitate life transformation through daily interactions with personalized biblical content. To date, we have over 85,000 total users in 110 countries, and that number grows daily!

And goTandem users are seeing their lives transform. Eighty-three percent of those entering goTandem with no weekly Bible engagement are now engaged four or more days a week.

After engaging the Bible four or more days a week, people are:

  • 228% more likely to share their faith with others
  • 218% more likely to give to charity
  • 60% less likely to feel spiritually stagnant
  • 59% less likely to view pornography

And those are just a few of the positive transformations we have seen.

Local Impact

Back to the Bible now has an opportunity for the churches and ministries to have their own custom spiritual growth app. We would like to extend this custom app offer to the churches and ministries here in our hometown of Lincoln, NE, free of charge.

The custom app will enhance the ability to reach people where they are spiritually to help them grow closer to Jesus. Ministry leaders will have access to our app analytics, which track the spiritual growth and needs of their people, allowing them to tailor programs to meet their needs. Not to mention the ability to feature custom content and share it through push technology.

International Update

This year, we built our multi-language platform for goTandem, giving us the ability to offer our spiritual growth app in different languages. Now, we are working to build a network of church and parachurch partners to help us translate and distribute goTandem globally. The first 9 languages we plan to roll out this year are: Indonesian, Arabic, Dutch, French, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Tamil and Sinhala.

How You Can Help

The generosity of people around the world has supported our ministry since 1939, and we ask you to consider joining in helping sustain and further our mission of Bible engagement so we can provide churches and ministry organizations here in Lincoln their own spiritual growth tool, available in multiple languages. Together, we can accomplish our mission: to transform spiritual lives through the power of God’s Word.

Whether you are in the position to be able to give or not, please consider praying for the our team as we seek to accomplish the mission of life transformation through Jesus Christ, the mission God has placed before us to lead people forward by taking them back to the Bible.


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