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Barbara Chambers Children's Center offers a variety of educational programs for both children and parents. The majority of the families we serve are very low-income and rely on the Center to receive a variety of services. We aim to empower and increase the academic success of low-income children. Located in Columbia Heights, programs are open to residents of Washington, DC.

The Pre-K Incentive Program entails rich academics, structured classroom schedules, and many enrichment activities. The Pre-K Incentive Program is part of an initiative to create more quality educational programs for preschoolers in Washington, DC.  The program encourages a love of learning and prepares children for the ever important passage into kindergarten. Within the program, outside resources are brought in through a variety of partnerships. Jumpstart and Early Stages are just two of the many programs which collaborate with the BCCC. In addition to such collaborations, the Center has various events and projects throughout the year to enhance the Pre-K Incentive Program. One such project is the Spring Gardening Project which teaches children how to grow and tend-to a garden. The children also learn about the importance of nutrition through this project. As with all BCCC programs, each classroom is entirely bi-lingual in both English and Spanish.

Before & Afterschool Program is offered for school-age children up to age 12. This program operates full-time in the summer months. Children receive academic tutoring from staff and volunteers. The program also provides breakfast, snacks, and dinner throughout the year to combat hunger.  The Before & After School Program has formed a partnership with District of Columbia Public Schools, to increase communication between schools and families.  BCCC staff speak to the teachers of each student in the program regularly.  Staff are kept informed of what subjects are being taught in the classroom, areas for improvement, and formulate a plan to keep each child on track.

Parent Education Programs  Ongoing workshops are offered to all parents of BCCC students.  Parents are able to learn about issues related to parenting including nutrition, discipline, literacy, community resources and more.  They receive support, information, and have access to education professionals who are eager to answer their questions. Parents participate free of charge and receive many resources including books, journals, and create their own activities to do at home with their child.  Parents are also taught about the benefits of their involvement in their child's academic success

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