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The greatest moments in giving are when donors feel the emotions of others touched by their generosity.  We know that people often come to Holy Name Monastery looking for meaning, clarity or purpose in their lives. A feeling of emptiness, distance from the Light of God or the need for peace can be overwhelming, especially in the stressful world in which we live.

The Benedictine Sisters of Florida are in the “light” business.  We strive to open the world to the Light by our lives of community, prayer and service.  People may wonder why we do this work.  Our desire is with all our hearts to “let God’s will be done” in us…which is how we are transformed.  It is what God wants for all His people.

Many of our visitors and retreatants who experience a day, week or longer of prayer and reflection at Holy Name Monastery tell us for example:

  • “Everything was an important part of the whole, and seeing the balanced lifestyle in action was powerful.”    
  • “Truly blessed having the opportunity to spend this time and reflect.”
  • “Being cared for and cared about by the Sisters, prayer time to be introspective, walks in the gardens, and talking to God have brought me back to what is important.”

We hope through our communications that our supporters and volunteers will realize the needs you are helping to meet and the lives you are improving through our mission of care.  Though you may not know those served, you are helping them to thrive.  We can’t do it without you.  Together we are a bridge to the Light of God who changes lives.

                                                         ALL are WELCOME!



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