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Incarcerated convicts read their Bibles far more often than the general public, and we can’t get Bibles into the prisons fast enough to meet the demand. Our role model books are a big success, as are our Christian videos, newsletters, tracts, little Bible booklets. The chaplains have found them to be an effective tool in spreading the Word of God, especially when there are so few chaplains & inmate populations grow larger every year. Most prison chaplains receive no funding from the government for the purchase of Christian material. And that is why they depend on the gifts of private charities, such as Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc.

We asked some of the chaplains to tell you how this ministry has assisted in their labor for the Lord. We also requested some inmates to tell you how we have helped them with their walk with Jesus.

“Most chaplains I know have no funds allocated to them to purchase religious materials. The materials we get are all donated. To many who are coming to prison now - this will be the first time to read a Bible... & they are looking for answers. Bibles & other Christian materials that are contributed by Bible Believers Fellowship are the “seeds” for God’s power & grace to get into lives for behavioral change & spiritual peace.” Chaplain John Hagan, Diagnostic Unit (Pine Bluff, AR)

“Through Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. I’ve built a foundation, a sense of unhappiness with my past criminal behavior, & criminal thinking, & replacing them with a sense of responsibility & development of empathy for others. I am learning to think in ways that are rational, realistic, & responsible. Most of all, I found Jesus.” Inmate Michael Sellers, Federal Corr. Inst. (Lompoc, CA)

“Bible Believers Fellowship has been instrumental in providing key Gospel materials & Bibles to present to the more than 1,000 men transiting North Florida Reception Center monthly... Your labor of love is greatly appreciated.” Chaplain Dennis Durant, North Florida Reception Ctr-West Unit (Lake Butler, FL)

“Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. has helped me in my spiritual growth & Bible knowledge through the publication of their newsletters and Bible tracts and booklets. Their scriptural literature and teaching of God’s word is helping me to learn and understand God’s plans and purpose for my life and knowing my Savior Jesus Christ. I’m very thankful for their ministry and pray that God will continue to provide in meeting their [financial] needs...” Inmate Troy Sullivan, Jackson Corr. Inst. (Malone, FL)

“For years, Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. have play a big role in my ministries and many other ministries with Bibles and literature, newsletters, everything is a blessing. The inmates look forward for your newsletter. I don’t have any means of financially helping you. However, I urge people to help maintain such a wonderful and blessed ministry.” Chaplain Jesus Malave, M.C.I. Shirley Minimum Facility (Shirley, MA)

“Because of your vision thru your ministry and concern, inmates receiving your literature and other material have been help with their daily reading and attending to the chapel. When they get released, they go with desire to attend church outside, which is a victory and with a vision to continue serving the Lord Jesus Christ.” Chaplain Roberto Rodriguez, Otis Banton Corr. Ctr. (East Elmhurst, NY)

“Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. is a tremendous source for many of the materials I desperately need in the performance of my ministry as a correctional chaplain... There are constant requests for the role model books and tracts provided by BBFI... I think anyone who donates funds to BBFI is making an investment in God’s kingdom... We must remember penal institutions are very much a part of the harvest field.” Chaplain Raeford Wiggins, Franklin Corr. Center (Bunn, NC)

“Bible Believers Fellowship has been there to supply any request we have for ministry tools, whether tracts, books, videos. Any church, organization, or individual will be blessed by the Lord greatly if you support this ministry because Jesus said, 'I was in prison and you visited me, hungry and you gave me food, naked and you clothed me. What you do for prisoners you do unto me.' You can get in on the harvest benefits by standing in prayer and financial support of this ministry.” Chaplain Robert Watkins, Huttonsville Corr. Ctr. (Huttonsville, WV)

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