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Bideawee desperately needs your help in feeding hungry homeless dogs and cats this Thanksgiving Season.  We have hundreds of pets in our care right now and while we are lucky and have warm houses, family and friends and a meal on our table at Thanksgiving,  there are dogs like Gypsy that rely on us to help them. 

We wish Gypsy's story was unique, but unfortunately it is all too common and she and others like her rely on the compassion and generosity of people like you to help us rescue them all. 

Gypsy stayed put, just as she had been trained. That’s what her owner said to do. 

She waited, for hours and hours. Finally, she lay down, but no one seemed to notice. Again she waited … for her owner to bring her supper. For days she waited, chained to the fence way in the back yard, but no one came out of the house. She was a good dog, but she got so hungry, so she tried to pull her collar over her head. She chewed the chain. 

It was hopeless. She couldn’t get free. So she waited. 

As the days turned into weeks, Gypsy slept a lot. She drank rain water out of her bowl and chewed on some deer antlers that were under the shed. There was no nourishment in them, but until her teeth and gums began to get sore it felt good to try. 

Finally Gypsy stopped trying get loose or even to eat. She just waited. 

One day, her waiting ended. A kind woman noticed her in the yard of the empty house. The family that had lived there had been evicted weeks before and left their dog behind. The woman called Bideawee as soon as she found Gypsy. 

To see poor Gypsy the way we first saw her would break your heart. Gypsy is a good sized lab mix, whose natural weight is probably at least 60 pounds. 

When she came to Bideawee, she weighed 25!  

With your help, we will make sure Gypsy never suffers like that again. She needs quite a bit of recovery time because she was starved and dehydrated to the brink of death. She needs veterinary care, good food and shelter, and lots and lots of love. 

Thanks to you, she will get that and more. 

When Gypsy is healthy, we will find the best home for her. She’s still a very young dog, so some lucky family is going to welcome this amazing pooch into their lives for a long time. 

And we predict that Gypsy is going to have some great holidays in the years to come thanks to your gift today.


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