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"When I first met someone at the Bill Wilson Drop-In Center I had been out on the streets for over a year. I traveled around here and there and finally ended up in San Jose under a bridge with some people I met when I got here. 

I met Drew and Thang while I was out panhandling. They told me all the things the Drop had to offer and that I should come by to check it out. I did and I was able to get help, food, lockers, laundry, and other things. They had a doctor that was cool and I took care of some other stuff with my case manager like getting my birth certificate back from my dad who lives out of state.

After a while I got sick of living on the streets and dealing with all that drama all the time and they let me know about some housing things that were available around so I was able to get into a shelter program. I hope to come back and work at the Drop-In one day as a counselor. The Drop-In saved my life when I was on the streets and I hope that they can continue to help kids like me for a while."

~ Marcus - Drop-In Center Client

Bill Wilson Center is committed to working with the community to ensure that every youth has access to the range of services needed to grow to be healthy and self-sufficient adults. Bill Wilson Center has been providing services to runaway and homeless youth since 1973.


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