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The Bird of Prey Health Group (BPHG) is an inter-professional health group dedicated to the health and well-being of birds of prey (raptors). For twenty-five years this organization has concentrated on providing state of the art medical evaluation and therapy for injured birds of prey. Providing the much-needed medical evaluations along with developing advances in rehabilitation techniques, this organization has earned a stellar reputation for comprehensive care of injured wild birds of prey. 

Bird of Prey Health Group sponsors:

The Local Program----partnering with local wildlife groups throughout California to provide complete medical care to injured birds of prey.  BPHG provides medical diagnostics, treatment regime and rehabilitation strategy for release a well as continuing to receive and treat all eagles and birds of prey requiring special handling and care. 

BPHG Free Flight Conditioning Program---Unique to BPHG this program utilizes general and master falconers for evaluation of raptors needing special handling or evaluation which a flight chamber cannot provide. Species of raptors entering this program range from Red-Tailed Hawks, Kestrels, Barn owls, Great Horned Owls, Swainson’s Hawks, Goshawks, Coppers Hawk, Sharp Shinned Hawk, Merlins, Peregrine Falcons, Bald and Golden Eagles. The falconer’s role is to work with the raptor and evaluate the raptor’s free flight and ability to survive in the wild. To date, more than 200 raptors have been evaluated by falconers through this program. If the raptor is deemed non-releasable and the bird's behavior and adjustment to captive life is acceptable, efforts are made to place the bird with a qualified educational facility. 

Committee for Eagle Rehabilitation Excellence (CERE)  The BPHG's partnership with CERE has created a working document regarding Golden Eagle Rehabilitation. Identifying the differences between the Bald and Golden Eagle, their behaviors, flight style and terrain in which they live, has led to specific training techniques for the fledgling Golden Eagle arriving at the rehabilitation center to ensure their success once released.  Trained by master falconers, these eagles are taught to ride the thermals, soar ad hunt game successfully before release. This program includes daily data collection on flight performance during the training process and long-term surveillance upon release. 

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