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  The motto of the Birmingham Boys Choir (BBC) is, "It's more than music; it's training for life!" And indeed, these words embody the spirit of the BBC.

  Why do I support the Birmngham Boys Choir?  My four sons are alumni of the BBC, and I have seen first hand the positive impact it has made upon their lives.  They were members of the BBC for a number of years, and I was consistently amazed at how well this organization reinforced gentlemanly behavior, good manners, personal responsibility, commitment/dedication (commodities sadly lacking today), and positive time management.  They are young men who fully appreciate the value of discipline, hard work, professionalism, integrity, team work, and the enriching qualities of the arts in our culture.  They were able to build and maintain life-long friendships with many BBC boys.  Several of their BBC friends who now have sons of their own, have enrolled them in the Birmingham Boys Choir. Too, a few of their friends now serve on the Board of Directors of the Birmingham Boys Choir.

  I have seen boys without a father figure in their lives, bask in the positive reinforcement and encouragement given them by our choirmaster, Mr. Ken Berg, as they are being taught the very best vocalization techniques and music reading skills.  Both of our directors, Susan and Ken Berg are exceptional mentors, educators and encouragers who have been with the BBC for over 34 years.  They are people, who as a parent, you want your child to get to know; the Bergs are positive role models in a society in which it seems fewer and fewer exist.

  Singing is a skill that is useful thoughout one's life, and it has positive benefits.  It can be done alone, or within a group.  It can lift one's spirit or the spirits of those who listen.  It is an art form that is easily engaged in, regardless of age or socio-economic level.  Anyone can learn to sing a song, but when you has been trained to sight read music, you are not limited to learning a song; you are now capable of singing any song!   Finally, when singing in a choral ensemble, one has the privilege of being a part of producing a sound that could not be achieved by just one person.

  Because the BBC travels every odd numbered year, our choristers have the opportunity and privilege of being ambassadors of the city of Birmingham, AL.  They have toured both domestically and abroad. offering international flavor with a wide range of global music.  Alongside popular American classics, the boys sing an extensive selection of foreign languages and musical styles.  The Birmingham Boys Choir performs regularly in concerts, tours, competitions, civic events and weddings, and is among the elite civic boy choirs in this country.

  In summary, I support the Birmngham Boys Choir because of the personal and educational benefits I have seen it produce in the lives of not only my sons, but in the lives of countless other young men throughout the years.    


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