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Comemorating 45 years of service in 2012, your support enables the Urban League to help individuals and families avoid foreclosure; educate prospective home buyers; assist unemployed job seekers and provide educational enrichment opportunities for middle and high school students, while promoting the importance of racial inclusion and developing the next generation of community leaders.

Foreclosure Prevention.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith had lived in their home for seventeen years, had an outstanding principal balance of less than $15,000 and an interest rate of 12%.  Due to Mr. Smith suffering a stroke, the couple fell behind on their mortgage and had been unable to bring the mortgage current on their limited Social Security income.  A family friend who had recently received foreclosure prevention assistance from the Urban League referred Mrs. Smith to our office.   

The lender had a foreclosure sale date set.  However, by explaining the reason for the default and pointing out the Smith's timely payment history, Urban League counselors were able to get the lender to postpone the sale and allow the family time to apply for mortgage relief options.  The negotiations, which were sometimes heated, eventually ended with the mortgage company reducing the interest rate to 3% for 5 years.

Job Training/Assistance.  Marie, a participant in the Youth Empowerment Program, earned her GED.  She wanted to enroll in college but needed to secure employment because she has a young child to support and could not continue living with her mother.  With job placement assistance, she accepted a position as a grocery store cashier for 30 hours per week to start saving the money she will need to move and set up her own household.

Youth Development.  Fred was a hard working student, determined to become the first member of his extended family to attend college. However, coming from an environment where no one had ever attended college, he was intimidated by the idea of enrolling into college. It was at this point that he decided to join the Birmingham Urban League's Youth Board. Upon joining the Youth Board, Fred participated in various educational, community service, career and personal development activities customized for middle and high school students.  He was also able to network with a group of forward thinking peers and mentors, who had a positive influence on him.  Fred also took advantage of individual and group counseling sessions offered by a volunteer from the Alabama Counseling Association.  He received counseling on college and career preparation and as a result of these sessions was able to enroll at a local university, secure scholarships and choose a major that was aligned with his career goals


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