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  It is the mission of Boise Legacy Constructors Foundation, Inc. (formerly MK and Washington Group Foundation) to provide one-time assistance for basic necessities to individuals demonstrating appropriate need.  The Foundation also provides a limited number of small grants to 501(c)(3)-qualified organizations.

   Boise Legacy Constructors Foundation was started in 1947 at the Morrison-Knudsen Company with donations from M-K employees.  Giving to assist needy employees and their families, primarily Boise, Idaho, where the company was headquartered, is the original purpose that inspired the company founders and employees to develop a charitable organization.  Over many years their generosity has touched the lives of hundreds of families who have suffered tragedy and crisis. 

    The Board of Directors is dedicated to keeping alive the Foundation’s mission of assisting needy individuals and sharing M-K Company’s success, not only with needy employees, but the expanded mission of helping all impoverished individuals and families in the community.  Since making our name change in early 2009 to Boise Legacy Constructors Foundation (chosen to credit all who toiled to make Morrison Knudsen and their successor companies great), we have reaffirmmed our mission statement and continue to qualify as a private operating foundation under IRC 501(c)(3). The Foundation today was funded for the purpose that we now operate, thus perpetuating the intent of the founders who were rooted in the Boise Community and had a love for their fellow employees who toiled to make the company a success.   

   Individuals are referred to the Foundation for assistance by non-profit agencies and service providers.  Applicants complete an application and receive a personal interview to determine eligibility.

   The Foundation's board carefully approves about 250 individual applications each year. Over the past 6 years, the Foundation has provided more than $1 million directly to assist needy individuals with basic necessities. Foundation recipient demographics boasts impressive diversity: Over 50% of the Foundation beneficiaries are disabled; 14% veterans; 40% minorities; 60% single heads of household; 25% elderly.

  We've been there for parents of babies in the NICU to help them bring their newborns home instead of to a homeless shelter.

 We've been there for veterans who need a hand-up while integrating back into our community.

 We've been there whenever the school counselors call because a student is distraught about their family becoming homeless or not having power or running water in the home.

 We've been there for a retired MK employees who could no longer pay for their medication or medical bills.

 We've been there for so very many folks in our community when they needed us...and for that we feel extremely blessed and grateful for the unique opportunities to help that we are presented with.

  The Foundation also takes pride in funding initiatives that improve the quality of life in the Boise community.  Each year we make a number of small grants to non-profit organizations, primarily in the health and human services category.

   Organizations must be based in and serve the Boise/Treasure Valley community; deliver effective, high impact programs and have a reputation of achievement known within the community; promote the ideals of the Foundation; and show responsible financial management.

   Maintaining our long-standing reputation as one of the most valuable community resources in the Treasure Valley is a high priority. We want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with us and share with you our participation in community events and charitable activities.  Please read more about the Foundation and follow our grant-making activity on our website:

  We are so pleased that you have an interest in our Foundation.  For those of you who are newly introduced to Boise Legacy Constructors Foundation, we hope you like what we are doing , recognize the value your donation brings to our community as we reach out to individuals in need, and consider us among your choices on Idaho Gives day.  For those of you who are old friends and familiar with the spirit of giving back to community by MK or Washington Group, we hope you will honor us with your gift and join our efforts to continue to make our community a happier, healthier, and more gentle place to live. 

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