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Boulware Mission is a faith-based shelter that has been serving homeless and near-homeless men and women for the past 95 years.  Boulware's Self Sufficiency program assists individuals with employment skills, general education (GED), financial literacy, substance abuse treatment, healthy living, general life skills, faith-building, and much more...providing clients with the tools they need to become independent, contributing members of our community.

In 2015, we helped 334 people by providing safe place for their second chance at life.  Here are some of the outcomes that were made possible thanks to our donors:

* 17,170 nights of safe lodging were provided to 334 residential clients.

*51,510 meals were served to displaced men and women. 

*114 volunteers gave 6,313 hours of their time to help our clients.

*204 residential (and an additional 120 non-residential/public) clients attended the licensed alcohol and drug treatment program.

*82% of those able to work left the Mission employed.

*50 clients received GED tutoring and 5 enrolled in college.

*17% of residential clients were disabled and 6% were veterans.

Thank you so much for your help in providing these individuals with a new beginning!


Brittany's story:

Brittany's story is not uncommon amoung Boulware's female clientele.  Her parents were both drug addicts and she was raised in the midst of poverty, drug use, alcoholism and abuse. As a young woman, she herself became addicted to prescription pain killers.  At a time in her life when most girls her age were going off to college and starting their lives, she was struggling to make it as a single mother, "couch hopping" with no place to call her own and addicted to Heroin.  She desperately wanted a better life for her infant daughter than she'd had growing up, but was clueless as to how to make it a reality.

Brittany's life became so out of control that she served a brief stint in jail on a possession charge and lost custody of her daughter.  Althought she had reached rock bottom, she soon found that this was the unlikely answer to her prayers when a concerned friend brought her to Boulware Mission.  She still remembers the day that she was dropped off like it was yesterday.  She was met with kindness and understanding and could tell that this was the beginning of a fresh start for her.

Brittany successfully completed the licensed drug and alcohol treatment program and entered into recovery.  During her time at the Mission, she also learned how to make a better financial future for herself and how to find a job.  For the first time, she had a full-time job and was earning a living for herself.  She stayed at the Mission long enough to save up money to purchase a car and to get an apartment.

Today, Brittany is living the life she had always hoped for.  She has her daughter back and has been living on her own for several months.  If you were to ask Brittany, she would tell you that she wouldn't be where she is today if it weren't for Boulware.  The Mission save her and her daughter's life and she will be eternally grateful for Boulware and for your support!  


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