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While a broken bone is a broken bone and can be repaired, the complexity of a brain injury and the individual nature of its effects require a very different kind of repair.  The aftermath for those persons who survive and are left with life-changing, long term deficits can be devastaing.  For over 25 years, Brain Injury Services has served thousands of survivors of brain injury and their families with innovative programs to help them repair their lives, recover possibilities and restore their hope.

With continued community investment in BIS, we are able to provide holistic and proactive case management services and specialized rehabilitation programs. Brain Injury Services provides services to all of Northern Virginia including Culpeper and Loudoun Country as well as Fredericksburg and the surrounding Counties.  Our organizational goal is to ensure every survivor has a productive and fulfilling life based on their personal plan.  Our services include:

  • Child & Adolescent Case Management Program
  • Adult Case Management Program
  • Veterans Integration Program
  • Department of Assistive Technology and Rehabilitative Services
  • Clubhouse Programs
  • Supported Living Program
  • Volunteer Placement Program
  • Person Centered Volunteer Program
  • PALS Program
  • Speaker’s Bureau Program
  • Information and Referral

As a leader in the field of brain injury and an awards recipient of The Civil Justice Foundation for “20 Years of Excellence”  followed by Fairfax Chamber NonProfit of the Year in 2014, we recognize how important it is to bridge the gap between public and private partnerships for those individuals we serve. 


Dina’s journey to independence has taken longer than one would desire and was definitely full with its share of challenges. Dina is a 26 years old female who is originally from India where she was born and grew up most of her life. When Dina was 2 years old, she was pushed down the stairs which resulted in a severe traumatic brain injury and severe intellectual disabilities. Dina’s journey started on the day she fled her country and became a lawful permanent resident of US. Through perseverance, determination and family support, Dina was able to achieve her goal of securing a supported employment part-time position at a government building which provides her with a minimum income, the needed job skills and opportunity to work alongside of her peers. Despite Dina’s difficulties with communicating, she was able to work effectively and took great pride of her abilities. In order to add more success into her life story, Dina accepted the resources that were provided to her through Brain Injury Services to receive literacy training. She also has a very supportive private tutor who helps her speed up her learning goal.  BIS helped client in obtaining a neuropsychological evaluation that is a very instrumental guide in assessing/achieving her goals. BIS funds helped Dina in paying for medical bills, obtain a membership at her local gym and pursuing other social activities to be part of her community, purchase winter clothes and workout shoes. Last but not least, Dina is engaged in the City of Alexandria Therapeutic Recreation services that provide her with an opportunity to socialize with others and have a productive focus during her free time. Dina continues to create her own miracles with the support of Brain Injury Services.



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