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We are community builders, nonprofit developers with a social purpose and passion for helping those that are less fortunate. You see, we build housing that people can afford and neighborhoods where families want to live and raise their children.  We also believe that a key to a vibrant neighborhood is homeownership so to that end we help low income families that don't believe they can achieve the American Dream, get there.  

BNT’s initial efforts began in 1986, focused on addressing the lack of affordable housing in Bridgeport and providing forgivable loans to nonprofit affordable housing developers. Over the past 28 years, the reach of our work has expanded dramatically. This work has been focused in three main areas:

Affordable Housing Development and Property Management:  BNT’s affordable housing development helps strengthen some of Bridgeport’s most disadvantaged communities.  By creating and preserving housing, BNT addresses blighted properties and abandoned lots, improves the community’s physical infrastructure and appearance, and attracts new residents to neighborhoods in need of revitalization.  Since 1993, BNT has developed over 168 units of affordable housing for low income families, leveraging over $22M of local, state, federal and private financing.  

Homeownership Academy:  Knowing that homeownership and homeownership retention is a key aspect in community revitalization, BNT continues to cultivate its homeownership program – increasing the number of clients it serves, reaching out to neighborhood groups with low homeownership rates, adding new curriculum to its program, and engaging new private and nonprofit business partners and sponsors.  In response to client need, we have recently added a Foreclosure Prevention component, assisting families in developing solutions that will keep them in their homes.  

Healthy Homes:  In partnership with the City of Bridgeport, BNT promotes access to healthy homes, providing outreach, education, and funding to prevent lead poisoning, promote wellness, and improving the quality of life for the City’s neediest population. Iince the inception of this program, BNT’s contractors removed lead hazards from more than 800 apartments – improving homes’ healthiness, and, in most cases, their energy efficiency, beauty, and curb appeal.

BNT is an organization that continually adapts to the changing climate of the region we serve. Our current clients span all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. Our staff of 14 full time employees is multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual to ensure that we are able to effectively relate to and communicate with a diverse population. BNT strives to meet the needs of each individual client in a manner that is both culturally appropriate and accessible.

BNT works hand in hand with the City, neighborhood groups, and residents to identify each community's priorities and provide housing and services tailored to meet the neighborhood's needs. 

  • In the South End neighborhood of Bridgeport, BNT targeted a 9 block area hit hard by foreclosures and embarked on a strategy to restore 45 properties (100 units). 
  • In the East End, BNT has received a groundbreaking $9 million in funding from CHFA to develop a mixed use project, including 30 one bedroom apartments as well as an early childhood education center. 
  • In Downtown, BNT recently completed construction on a mixed use project to provide 30 one bedroom apartments and 5,000sq/ft of commercial space, BNT's new home and recently received another $12 million in financing to build 48 units of housing of which 10 will be set aside for Veterans. 
  • In the East Side, BNT is working to address the issue of lead poison and prevention by organizing workshops and providing resources to help landlords make housing lead safe. 
  • And, in the North End, BNT has three homeownership projects to be sold to low income families that participate in its comprehensive homeownership counseling program.

As illustrated, there is no cookie cutter approach to community building or meeting the housing needs of low income families. Every neighborhood is different, every family different, therefore, our response must be different and individualized. BNT holds true to it's name, Bridgeport NEIGHBORHOOD Trust. 


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