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For 28 years, Bridgerland Literacy has provided one-on-one tutoring for functionally illiterate adults. Bridgerland Literacy provides training for the tutors and matches them with students needing help so they can go on to further education or employment opportunities. We also provide English concersation classes and support Utah State University students in many intern and volunteer opportunities.

Meet Jack:

Before I started working with my Bridgerland Literacy tutor, it was hard for me to read a book – there were too many words I couldn’t figure out.  I was happy to start learning.  We’ve been working together for about two and one half years.  I still come across words that are hard to figure out, but now I can read on my own and enjoy it more.  We read together during part of our session, and then sometimes I go home and read a couple more chapters.  We’ve read several books by Gary Paulsen, including Hatchet, Brian’s Winter, etc.

Meet Mike:

I started taking reading lessons at the DI while working there, but when I was offered a full-time job at the university I discontinued my reading program. The DI told me that there was a reading program that was free and that would work around my schedule and I contacted Bridgerland Literacy to talk to them. They wanted me to take an assessment and I totally froze up, being unable to read one single word. But the lady doing the assessment was kind and friendly and my desire to read was greater than my embarrassment.

I was paired up with 3 different tutors before I met Karin. The tutors were trying these pre-written adult reading programs which I could not understand, so the lady at the office suggested I would meet up with Karin, one of the Board Members of the Literacy Program, as a last resort.

I was very intimidated when I met with Karin the first time. She was my 4th tutor and I was insecure, thinking that it was my fault that none of the tutors stayed with me. I was told all my life that I was stupid and worthless. After a month of trying to continue with the same program that the other 3 tutors started, Karin totally revamped my reading program.

Now, two years with Karin I feel more secure, not only about my reading, but also about myself. Karin not only has become my tutor, but also my friend. I am able to call on her when I need help reading something at work, or when I needed to study to pass my driver’s license test. Thank you Bridgerland Literacy and thank you Karin for never giving up on me


Approximately 2000 other clients: All of our services are free and confidential to the clients. Not all of our students are comfortable sharing their stories. Often, those who struggle with illiteracy are ashamed and embarrassed, and hide it from their friends and even families. We provide a safe place for them to come and get the help and support they need.

Although the services are free for our clients, materials and services still cost money. Your donation is greatly appreciated and can make a huge difference for a student and his or her family.



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