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As a non-profit umbrella arts organization, Brolly is committed to increasing the opportunities and impacts of artists and arts organizations in Salt Lake City and Utah.  The focus is on developing artistic, civic and corporate partnerships to increase awareness and change around major issues of the day with local relevance, increase access to the arts, innovative arts programming, and support for local and national independent artists.  Brolly Arts facilitates collaborative opportunities for independent artists, established organizations (artistic and civic), and fledgling arts groups.

Through these efforts, Brolly Arts has sponsored or supported numerous local projects, served over 450 artists, and successfully engaged in numerous strategic partnerships.


Through workshopsperformancesinstallations,commissions, and artist services,Brolly Arts promotes the visual and performing arts, including dance, music, theater, literature, photography, and much more.

Brolly Arts strives to provideprofessional development for artists, create collaborative opportunities for artists from a variety of disciplines, offer creative and educational experiences to the community, maintain overall excellence, and pay artists living wages.

In meeting its goals, Brolly Arts contributes to the community's cultural vibrancy and artistic diversity.

Current Projects

Justice For Some?  - June 21, 2013, Art Access Gallery

Human rights violations occur globally in all forms and factions.  Locally we experience many forms of discrimination.  Awareness and knowledge are the first steps in bringing about social change.  Brolly Arts is working with a number of organizations and artists to create and present Justice For Some?.  This project is a multi-disciplinary event that explores the notion of equality and discrimination.  Join us at Art Access for Gallery Stroll as we address these issues through  dance, visual and digital exhibitions and the drum bus throughout the evening.

Plastique  2013

Plastique brings to light the wonderful horrible nature of plastic.  It is resilient and it lasts.  That’s the beauty and the destructive nature of plastic particularly single use plastic such as plastic bags.  Plastique is a multi-disciplinary project with outreach components to utilize high quality art to engage our community and increase awareness around this vital environmental issue of plastic, its use, misuse and lasting impact.  Plastique will be comprised of many parts such as art education, performance, exhibits, installations, and outreach. 

 Both visual and performing artists will work amongst themselves and with community groups to fully realize the performance and visual aspects of Plastique.  In this way, we increase awareness of an important environmental issue, we engage our community and, although this addresses a real environmental problem, art is the central theme.  Brolly Arts has extensive experience and positive outcomes for work such as this.  Our 2009 and 2010 H2O projects were awarded a 2010 NEA Access to Artistic Excellence award for our work in art, environmental issues and community outreach and engagement.  Plastique, by design, will be a replicable model.  Once this project premieres, it can be replicated in other areas and communities.


Artist Services

Currently Brolly Arts offers fiscal sponsorship and access to liability insurance for artists and artist groups.  Plans are in the work to expand these services.


Salt Lake City Space Finder

Looking for Space?  Have Space to Rent?

Brolly Arts and partners are looking to launch a new initiative to provide a centralized, online system for artists, organizations and community members to find and rent space and amenities to suit their needs.


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