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As a Great Books college, C.S. Lewis College will have a curriculum that is grounded in classic primary sources of western and non-western thought.

Rooted in the historic Christian faith, the College will be inclusive of Christians of all traditions, representing the center of Christianity without specific affiliation to any single denomination.

As the next step in this vision, we've recently purchased the historic “Green Pastures”home in Northfield, Massachusetts to serve as the C.S. Lewis StudyCenter at Northfield,as a focal point of Christian hospitality, study, reflection, and learned conversation in New England.

We opened with a "soft-start" of a few gatherings this past summer - a Great Books style discussion group on Plato's Euthyphro, a poetry workshop and open mic, and an Open House in connection with the town's Historic Society's Home and Garden Tour day in July.

Your gift today will enable us to prepare "Green Pastures" for its use as a Study Center by helping us refurbish the home and continue to launch new events to serve the region.

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