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Each year CAAB helps hundreds of area residents buy their first homes, go to college, get the job training they need, or start their own business. We give people the tools and capital they need to be able to get themselves out of poverty and save for their futures.


Kim H. came to us in 2009 with over $100,000 in debt, in the middle of a divorce, with a home that was about to be foreclosed on, and no idea how to dig herself out of it all. Hearing about CAAB from a friend, she attended our 10-hour long Money Management 101 Series. After the third class she went to one of our financial educators and signed up for some one-on-one counseling.

We helped her structure a budget she could keep to.
We connected her with resources to help her protect her house.
We worked to fix the damage she'd done to her credit score.
We set up a path for her to pay down her debt and fine financial freedom.

Today, 2 years later, Kim is still on a path to being debt free. She's still in her job, and still keeping to her budget. Her credit score has improved by over 100 points, and she can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

She came to CAAB in despair, and we gave her Hope.



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