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Camp Wildcat is a non-profit run by students at the University of Arizona whose mission is to provide cost-free, weekend-long camps and specialized activities for Tucson’s disadvantaged or at-risk youth.


Camp Wildcat is dedicated to helping kids realize their potential. We provide children with the opportunity to have fun, interact closely with positive role models, challenge their personal limits, explore diverse topics in a hands-on learning environment, build interpersonal skills through teamwork, enhance their own self-image, and view higher education and general success as attainable goals. Camp Wildcat is run exclusively by students at the University of Arizona, and works with 4th through 8th graders across the greater Tucson area. Since Camp Wildcat was founded 50 years ago in 1965, we have helped thousands of Tucson’s youth.


Camp Wildcat offers 7 weekend-long kids camps every year. We have three types of camps: Big Camps, Adventure Camps, and Grand Canyon Camp. Camps are generally held at a campsite in the surrounding area, with the exception of Grand Canyon Camp, where we take campers to the Grand Canyon for four days at the beginning of each summer. All of our camps include activities such as arts and crafts, science rotations, skits, team building, and outdoor education.


Camp Wildcat also puts on day activities, such as science fun days, with local schools. Our seven annual camps and many day activities allow us to work with as many as 400 students annually.


An important part of each camp or activity with Camp Wildcat is a focus on helping every student realize the power and potential within themselves. We like to convey to our campers that higher education and general success can be anyone’s goal, no matter what age or what circumstances.


With your help we can continue to achieve our goals, and help Tucson’s little feet take giant steps! Thank you so much for your support!



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