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Scientists have made breakthrough discoveries about our own immune system and its ability to destroy cancer. A new class of cancer treatments based on these breakthroughs, called cancer immunotherapy, is now emerging as a first-line option for patients with previously untreatable, advanced cancers including lung cancer, melanoma, and other cancers. Immunotherapies like checkpoint blockade, oncolytic viruses, cancer vaccines, and antibody therapy have already begun to revolutionize the treatment of cancer.

The Cancer Research Institute is a top-rated charity founded in 1953 for the express purpose of exploring the science of cancer immunology and bringing safer and more effective immune-based treatments to cancer patients. We were the first nonprofit organization anywhere to see the potential of this approach to treating cancer and have supported many of the field's leading scientist and clinicians.

With donor support, we fund top scientists around the world who are working to find and develop these treatments. We also fund groundbreaking collaborations designed to speed the research, discovery, and development process in order to bring new treatments to more patients sooner.

Our grants provide early career support and training for young scientists, fund laboratory discovery and translational research designed to improve outcomes for patients, and support cutting-edge clinical trials treating a variety of cancer types.

We rely on our donors to fuel our unique and important mission to advance immune-based cancer treatments. Thanks to their support, we are helping to create new therapies that can benefit people with all types of cancer.

The time is now. The future of cancer medicine is here. Please donate today and help us save more lives sooner.


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