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 The key to our ability to provide quality,   health care and recovery support services is our team of volunteers and our  financial supporters.  

The mission of Canyon Clinic is to make sure everyone - regardless of socioeconomic status - has access to healthcare.   In 2015 we expanded our services to include recovery support services.

This is truly a team-oriented approach to addressing the medical needs of the uninsured and the support needs of the person seeking freedom from addiction.  We endeavor to nurture the longstanding traditions of volunteerism and community service to accomplish these goals.

Many of our health care professionals have mentioned that the time they spend volunteering at Canyon Clinic is more rewarding, and brings more personal satisfaction than the work they do in their own clinics. One reason for this is that it serves as a reminder of why they entered the health care field to begin with - because they care about people and want to make a difference in their lives.  Our Wellness Center provide a 'place to start' for the person seeking recovery.

The biggest part of the clinic's success is simple - neighbors helping neighbors.  The gifts of time, talent and treasure we have received make it all possible.

Together, we can continue to bring hope, healing and health to Canyon County, one patient at a time!

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