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Capital Humane Society, in 2016, launched two new programs, the low-cost feline spay/neuter program and the CHS working cat program. The proceeds from#givingtuesday will beneift both endeavors! 

Low Cost Feline Spay/Neuter Program

Capital Humane Society is pleased to announce the start of our Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program for felines in our community! The program is intended to provide low-income cat owners with the opportunity to have their cat
sterilized, receive basic veterinary treatments, and address the issue of pet overpopulation in our community. The cost for the owner to participate in this program is $25.00 per cat. 

Each cat that goes through the program will receive the following treatments and procedures: Spay/Neuter Surgery, Microchip, FVRCP vaccination, One-Year Rabies Vaccination, Dewormer, FIV/FeLV Combo Test, Flea/tick treatment (if necessary), and any other diagnostics deemed necessary to ensure the cat is suitable for surgery. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact the Director of Operations at (402) 441-4484 to begin the eligibility screening process and schedule an appointment, upon completion of this  process.

CHS Working Cat Adoption Program

Capital Humane Society’s Working Cat Program is intended to provide a placement option for cats with behavior issues or temperaments which make better suited for an outdoor lifestyle.

The program’s purpose is to find appropriate outdoor homes for these cats outside of Lincoln city limits within Lancaster County (qualified homes within close proximity to Lancaster County may be considered depending on the distance from Lincoln). They live in a structure that is a free standing building, safe from the elements, that the cat can get in and out of easily like a barn, stable, shop, or outbuilding where they have a "job" and a better quality of life.

These cats have been given medical care and are spayed/neutered prior to placement to prevent any future litters of kittens. Working cats range from semi-feral to social cats with behavior issues that make them unsuitable for an indoor home. If you have any questions about the Working Cat Program, please email us at or give us a call at
(402) 441-4488 ext. 2.


About Capital Humane Society

The Pieloch Pet Adoption Center welcomed the Lincoln community in July 2013 when the doors opened and began a new era with not only a new building, but a new future for dogs, cats and all pets searching for a new family. The Pieloch Pet Adoption Center features cat colony rooms as well as individual cat cages, private dog and puppy dens along with individual kennels, housing for nearly 30- 40 adoption dogs and 60 adoption cats. The open foyer welcomes visitors and invites them to watch the playfulness of the cats and puppies while decisions are made on which pet may fit best into the family. 

Capital Humane Society cares for animals in our community that are lost, unwanted, abused and neglected.  Since our founding in 1902, the Capital Humane Society has grown and evolved to meet our community needs.

Companion animals are bred to depend on humans and cannot survive on their own.  Too many animals in our community find themselves lost or unwanted, abused or neglected.  The Capital Humane Society exists to care for those animals. 

CHS works to reunite lost animals with their owners, or find them new homes.  In 2013, over 1,300 animals were reunited with their owners.  Capital Humane Society never turns an animal away; all animals are welcomed into our facility.  While in our care, the animals are fed, loved and given veterinary attention and treatment if needed.    To reduce pet overpopulation, we spay/neuter all cats and dogs before they are placed in the adoption program.  We work hard to place all adoptable animals into new homes.  Over 2,700 animals celebrated their new homes in 2013.

Working with other agencies, CHS provides boarding without charge for pets whose owners are experiencing an emergency.  Cooperation between the Humane Society and domestic violence programs is particularly important.  Women who have left abusive relationships and who are served by the Friendship Home or Voices of Hope can temporarily house their pets at the shelter for no cost.  We also provide boarding of pets for anyone in an emergency situation who is being helped by the Red Cross or local law enforcement.

For over 100 years, the Capital Humane Society has provided a comfortable bed, nutritious food, veterinary care and a gentle touch for the lost, stray and unwanted animals in Lincoln and Lancaster County.  Along with your help, we are committed to continuing that legacy of service.

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