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At five years old, Samantha appeared to maintain a healthy and normal child lifestyle. She managed to take a bath, comb her hair, complete her homework, and catch the school bus on her own. Samantha was shy at school and tended to keep to herself and so her teacher was very alarmed when Samantha came to her and asked her to look at her back. The teacher reluctantly looked at Samantha's back and saw what appeared to be bruises and cigarette burns. Samantha's teacher attempted to remain calm but was unable to hide the tears streaming down her face. As if Samantha was the nurturer in the situation, she softly grabbed her teacher's arm and told her it would be okay.

Samantha spoke with the school counselor, where she told the counselor that her mom's boyfriend often hurts her and her little sister. She explained that she doesn't like when he hurts her sister and she tries to make her sister feel safe. The counselor reported the abuse to the child abuse hotline.

Samantha and her sister were placed into foster care and were able to be placed together in a loving home. Because of you and others that have joined the fight against child abuse, Samantha has blossomed in her new enviroment and is finally able to feel safe.

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