Carlmont Parents Nursery School

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Located in Belmont, and founded in 1961, we are a parent participation, co-operative, play-based developmental preschool for children ages 2 to 5 years.

We believe that the well being of children, their senses of self, their values and their perspectives on the world are all greatly shaped by those charged with their care.

The mission of CPNS is to offer a varied and exciting environment where children learn through play while moving freely about the school choosing their activities; each child is valued and respected for his or her own developmental needs; and adults develop positive and healthy parenting skills through class participation and ongoing parent education.

After a substantial loss of state funding to our school, we’ve been working to become financially sustainable for the past few years. Our annual fundraising efforts are more important than ever so we can continue to perform a much needed role in the community -- growing successful parents and children under the leadership of highly qualified preschool teachers.  We would be most grateful if you would consider donating to our school.

Our highest expenses include payroll, rent, maintenance costs (which can come up somewhat unexpectedly), and insurance/administrative fees.  Any donation amount makes a big impact for our school.  If you'd like to cover something specific, please contact  Thank you for your consideration.

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