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Ending homelessness in Phoenix has been at the heart of CASS' work since 1984. As the largest provider of emergency shelter and supportive services, CASS helps more than 700 men, women and children experiencing homelessness each day.

While emergency shelter is CASS’ core function, meeting basic needs and offering a diverse array of supportive services – veterans support, employment, housing, on-site child and afterschool programming, and dental – provide individuals and families with the resources necessary to permanently end their homelessness.

Below are some stories of those who have been helped by CASS.

Peter, Maya and Joey
Life suddenly changed for this family when Peter lost his job. He and his wife, Maya, had recently welcomed newborn Joey to their family, and they needed to find a way to survive.

The family planned to live off savings as they looked for new work. But it wasn’t easy. What followed was a bumpy several months without job offers and a quickly depleting savings account. It wasn’t long before the family was evicted from their apartment.

Fortunately they came to CASS for shelter. With the support of the staff, Peter and Maya were able to find jobs. Joey remained safe in CASS’ nationally-accredited child development program. A few months later, the family moved out of the shelter.

Today they live in their own home in Central Phoenix. Joey is in his first year of preschool and his parents work each day to ensure the family remains safe and stable.

Paula served as a communications officer in the United States Navy.  Like many veterans returning from active duty, Paula struggled to transition back to civilian life and experienced issues with mental illness and substance abuse. It wasn't long before Paula found herself homeless and living on the streets.
Luckily for Paula she found CASS. Through CASS’ Veterans’ Support Services program, Paula and her case manager developed an individualized plan that provided her with a stable transition into long-term housing and independence.
Paula's case manager helped her to secure the post-service benefits she earned serving our country, connected her with quality mental health services and helped her enroll in a substance abuse program.
Two years later, Paula moved into her own apartment in a complex managed by CASS' housing affiliate, Arizona Housing Inc. The complex provides affordable housing with on-site supportive services that help residents get into a home, maintain it, and most importantly, avoid falling once again into homelessness.
Not too long ago George was sleeping on the streets as he had done for almost every night of the past six years. He thought he'd spend the rest of life doing the same.
Then one night he met Gina, a case manager at CASS. Gina shared a little bit about CASS services, handed George her business card and offered to help him if he would agree to come meet with her at CASS. The next day George came to CASS.
Gina learned that George had some pretty significant medical issues that led to his homelessness. Several years ago when his health took a turn for the worse, George lost his job, and eventually his apartment. With no family or support system to turn to, George was forced to survive on the streets.
A major contributing factor to one's homelessness is the individual's lack of support and resources. CASS strives to be that resource by lending the necessary support to help transition people out of homelessness.
Through CASS, George not only found a safe and secure place to sleep each night, but access to resources such as job training, medical services and mental health counseling. George also made friends at CASS - and those friends, along with Gina and other members of the CASS team became George's support system.
Tonight, George will sleep in his bed, as he's done every night for the past nine weeks. He'll continue to see his case manager throughout the week, and will work diligently so he can move into his own place in the near future. 

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