Center for Large Landscape Conservation

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What is the Center for Large Landscape Conservation?

We strategically connect ideas, individuals, and institutions to catalyze collaboration and amplify progress towards the imperative of our time: to conserve Earth’s resilient, vital large landscapes.

Since large landscape conservation involves great geographical scales and touches many lives, it requires a collaborative effort—not something one organization can fully shoulder alone. We see ourselves as the “hub” for large landscape conservation, connecting people, organizations and resources to foster powerful solutions that respect diverse shareholders.

Our Mission

We catalyze, advance, and support large landscape conservation by:

  • building communities of invested stakeholders around large landscape issues,
  • advancing science that informs critical decision-making, and
  • advocating policies and strategies that champion ecological connectivity.

Our Vision

Our vision is a dynamic collaboration of ideas, institutions, and individuals that creates a network of connected natural areas resilient to large scale environmental challenges.

What is Large Landscape Conservation?

Working in partnership with local people and communities, large landscape conservation connects working lands, urban areas, and wild lands into whole, healthy landscapes that allow nature to flourish.

On the ground, large landscape conservation enhances the conservation value of working lands, helping conserve key connections between landscapes, launching climate adaptation initiatives, and other strategies to help nature remain resilient on a grand scale.

  With your help, we can make a difference. We hope that as you assess your charitable giving this year, you will make it your goal to preserve our precious landscapes with a gift to CLLC. Thank You!

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Center for Large Landscape Conservation

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