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Life is full of surprises, some more challenging than others. One of those trials brought a longtime volunteer through Central Kitsap Food Bank’s doors. Due to financial circumstances beyond control along with a divorce, they found themselves homeless and depending on friends for help. Lying on the floor of an empty house that their friends had allowed them to sleep in, they were just about to give up all hope. Lucky for them, one of those friends said, “Why don’t you go to Central Kitsap Food Bank for help?”

Every day, the staff members and volunteers with Central Kitsap Food Bank hear stories like this. Anyone can face food insecurity at some point in their lives. Stories that include divorce, family medical emergencies, loss of employment for those living paycheck to paycheck, or just not making a wage that covers all the bills. During 2022, almost 23,000 of our neighbors faced hardship while living in Kitsap County. According to the USDA, 12.8% of households in the United States lived with food insecurity at one point during 2022. 

Since 1989, Central Kitsap Food Bank has been nourishing our neighbors in Kitsap County by providing food and necessities at no cost in a caring and respectful manner to people in need in our community while preserving the dignity of those we serve. 

Our niche in the community includes:

  1. Centrally located in the county and easily accessible, serving both Kitsap and Jefferson County residents
  2. Providing programs centered around nourishment only which leads to stability and self-sufficiency
  3. Each person who walks through our doors with nothing leaves with a grocery cart full of nutritious meal fixings
  4. Home bound delivery to those in need who are unable to transport to our facility
  5. Being the hub for farm produce connecting local farmers to food banks around the county

Here, at Central Kitsap Food Bank, we understand how easy it is to fall into dire circumstances. Many of our volunteers and staff members have walked in our client’s shoes at one point in their lives so they have a deep understanding of the challenges being faced by those in need of their next meal. Those who work and volunteer at Central Kitsap Food Bank serve our community with compassion and grace as we help our neighbors recover from life's most difficult circumstances.

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