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At San Ysidro Health (SYHealth), we provide exceptional health care and social services to everyone that walks through our doors, without exception.  Over the last 15 months our dedicated staff of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals worked tirelessly to provide care and essential services, especially to neighborhoods in zip codes with the highest positive COVID-19 cases.  

Today, SYHealth is focused on COVID-19 Recovery efforts which includes a COVID-19 vaccination program aimed at patients and clients that are at high risk of COVID-19 including essential workers, seniors living in multigenerational homes and patients with chronic diseases. We are encouraging all patients to visit their doctors and follow up with necessary check-ups and treatments to maintain their health.  This also includes parents that may have delayed visiting their pediatricians for well-baby visits and immunizations. Our clinics are well staffed and safe – following CDC guidelines to provide the safest care possible to all.

With over 2,300 staff members at 45 clinic sites and resource program locations throughout San Diego County from South Bay to North County to rural Mountain Empire, SYHealth has never lost sight of the value of our staff’s dedication and care for our patients. We strive to continuously provide expert care with compassion.  Our staff is our strength.

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