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Centropa began life in 2000 as an oral history project. Over a ten year period we interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews living in 15 European countries and asked them to tell us stories about the entire century--just as they lived it.

In 2005 we began working in education; in 2010 we started working in public schools, mostly poor inner city schools  but rural schools, as well.

The majority of our students depend on Free or Reduced Lunch Programs; more than a few are new to the English language. After the November election, our teachers in Florida, Texas, California, North and South Carolina, and New Jersey have told us of children in tears because of things said in class, by both teachers and students. that frightened them; of Facebook pages filling with hate messages like, "Isn't it time you left?"; and at a basketball game in November in Houston, one of our high schools—94% Hispanic-American—faced off an all-white school where the kids waved Trump banners. 

We encourage our donors to support worthy programs like the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Planned Parenthood. But if you want to support those who work with students every single day, who teach students to think critically, and instill the civic and democratic values, (ideas that many students are not exposed to at home), then we invite you to support a Centropa teacher in American public schools.

You can do this in various ways and for different amounts, each listed to the right - from providing a teacher with discretionary funds to purchase needed materials for a civics project or a field trip to a museum, to sending a teacher to our 11th Summer Academy in July 2017 in Budapest and Belgrade, where they will meet teachers from 18 countries and design cross-cultural projects that open their students' minds as they build bridges to other cultures. You will know the name of your teacher. You will hear from his or her students. You will make a difference. 

(Note: we will use 10% of our donations for staff cost. Razoo takes another 7%)


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