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Being a parent presents special joys and many challenges, made more difficult when faced with poverty or caring for a child with developmental disabilities.  We strive to build resilient children and families by providing parent education, resources and support to strengthen families and promote healthy child development. Parents learn fundamental parenting skills encouraging healthy attitudes and positive parenting techniques, gain an understanding of age appropriate expectations, and are assisted with early detection and ongoing services for children with developmental delays or disabilities.

 Coach childcare teachers

Investment in quality early childcare and education saves the community money in the long run by increasing the likelihood of future literacy, employment, and higher education, as well as decreasing the likelihood of school dropout, welfare dependency, and trouble with the law.  We work to increase the quality of care and environments in childcare centers and homes to ensure that when children reach school-age they are healthy and ready to learn by offering  training, professional development and coaching to childcare centers and providers which includes nutrition awareness and child mental health consultants who assist with  strategies to manage challenging children.   

 Partner with teens

Adolescence can be especially challenging as youth grow into young adults.  We partner with teens to increase their ability to bounce back from adversity, encouraging them to be leaders in their community, have a positive self-worth, and avoid risky behaviors and peer pressure. 

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