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Families that have children with disabilities face a number of challenges emotionally and financially. To learn that your child has a challenge, from something small like speech challenges to larger issues like autism or cerebral palsy, is an incredibly devastating discovery. Children’s Advisory Network works very hard to ensure that we lift the burden placed on them as much as possible by providing services at a reduced and occasionally free of charge.

Hippotherapy is very expensive for Children’s Advisory Network and our families. Although, we do bill insurance, they only pay a portion of what it really costs for this service. This financial loss takes a huge toll on our organization and we are in need of funds to help offset this program. With more money, we will be able to provide an increased amount of therapy to children with a variety of challenges, increase the number of resources to our families, and reduce the burden on our families that are already struggling financially.

During hippotherapy, the movement of the horse moves the rider’s pelvis in the correct way, while also stimulating other ligaments, bones, and joints. A horse moves a person in multiple ways by tilting, rotating, and moving the rider. These would take a whole session of difficult physical therapy exercises to achieve. Sitting on a horse improves core muscle strength, muscle symmetry, balance, posture, flexibility, circulation, coordination, and breathing (which also makes it easier to speak).  The excitement of riding encourages speech when the rider wants to communicate with the therapist and the horse. Non-verbal children with autism have suddenly started talking when they use the horse’s name or ask the horse to get moving!


A little girl named Abby comes to mind.  When Abby started Hippotherapy she wasn’t able to hold herself up in the saddle and was only able to use a few signs to communicate with her family.  Soon she was sitting upright in the saddle and had the most beautiful smile.  She was so pleased with herself!  Before long Abby started using words, one at a time.   Eight months later she is putting two words together.  On occasion, she will say short phrases.  Her family is thrilled with her progress!
















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