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Children's House, the Early Childhood Program for Children's Kiva Montessori School is committed to providing the best quality Montessori education option for our youngest community members regardless of familial financial circumstances.  

This academic year our school was fortunate to be award eighteen Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) slots.  Though this program is wonderful in helping us to connect families in need with high quality preschool programming; the program only reimburses our school at 60% of our full tuition costs.  

Committed to ensure every family has equal access to our school and in order to ensure tuition is affordable; Children's House offers a variety of additional scholarships and financial assistance.  In fact, when you compare actual costs per pupil to run our program, 100 percent of our students receive tuition subsides.

Over the years, Children's House has budgeted to offer an average of $27,000.00 per academic year in financial support and subsidies for families.  In a school district where over 52% of our student population qualify for Free or Reduced Meals, our Board of Directors recogize the importance of being sensitive to the socio-economic realities of our area. Our tuition costs reflect a tuition gap compared to actual costs for operation our quality program. For example: Our school charges full day tuition at $654.00 per month while our actual break even cost to operate for full day placement is $710.00 per month per student; thus creating a tuition gap of $56.00 per student or $2296.00 total per month.  

Can you help us to reach our goal?  Our school makes up this sizable annual tuition gap through fundraising, grant writing and apealing to supporters like you.  

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