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At Children's Village Safety is No Accident:   Each year, over 2,000 Washington County second-grade students, from public, private and home schools, who attend the two-day proactive child safety education program at Children’s Village learn exactly that.  Education and skills training for students at the five-acre child safety campus is second to none.

Keep Your Child Safe:  Statistics from Safe Kids USA show that 12 children in America are seriously injured every 60 seconds from occurrences such as vehicle crashes, fires and burns, poisoning, drowning, choking or suffocation. A comprehensive child safety education and hands-on skills training program, like that offered at Children’s Village, positively affect a child’s ability to remain safe.

Creating a Safer Community:  For more than 20 years, Children's Village has been creating a safer community for all children (and their families) through education and skills training. Students come to the central safety campus, free of charge, for two days of life-safety education and hands-on activities. Yet the program’s annual outreach likely grows to 6,000-8,000 members of the community as students complete interactive home safety projects with adult family members and siblings. Projects include checking/installing operational smoke alarms, preparing and practicing fire escape routes, reviewing seatbelt, water, bicycle, and railroad safety information, as well as creating/practicing stranger danger password exercises. Youngsters come to Children’s Village as students but leave as safety ambassadors for the community!

Proven Community Value:  Student success stories confirm the value of this proactive child safety program to the community. Newsworthy stories of Children’s Village students saving themselves or others during emergencies continue. We are aware of, and have celebrated, 27 documented cases where students used skills they learned and practiced at Children’s Village to save lives. Proactive child safety education and training empowers children to properly and calmly react in emergency situations.

A Benchmark for Safety Education:  Children’s Village and safety education have been synonymous terms for a generation. What helps to make this possible? New ideas and programs come and go regularly. But a grassroots effort growing into a nationally recognized child safety program, serving children in Washington County for more than 20 years is noteworthy. Community commitment and support remain driving factors. Of equal importance is its premier fire and personal child safety curriculum and dedicated classroom instructors (many are professional first responders) who keep students engaged. The program’s effectiveness is monitored by pre- and post-tests given to students. Test results continue to produce scores that move from the 70th percentile before students come to Children’s Village to the 90th percentile following their safety training.

See Our Program in Action:  Take a moment to look at the pictures and watch the video. They offer a glimpse of our program in action. We hope you will then consider making a donation to “keep kids safe.” Although the program at Children’s Village is free to every second-grade student who attends, the actual cost of the two day education is $86. Since this educational experience is an integral part of the life-safety curriculum for county students, people often think Children’s Village is funded by the public school system. That is not the case. Grants, fund raising events, and private donations keep the doors open and the program available, free,  to all children in the community.

Supporting Our Community's Commitment to Child Safety:  The concept and creation of a Children’s “safety” Village speak to our community’s commitment to child safety. The innovative, successful program at Children’s Village now is being gifted to the next generation. And what a gift it remains, evidence of what can be accomplished when a community comes together to support the safety of its children.

Join Our Team -- 20+ Years of Service:  For 20 years and counting, Children’s “safety” Village has helped students learn that fires and injuries are understandable, predictable and nearly always preventable. Please join our “safety” team. Your donation truly has the power to save lives!

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