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Children's Fund gives support, opportunity and hope to vulnerable children in San Bernardino County, but one of most significant ways we support children this time of year is through our CELEBRATION OF GIVING toy drive campaign.

This year, we celebrate 30 years of bringing smiles to children on Christmas morning!  And we've dedicated all the funds raised during  Give BIG to bring more joy to more children during  the holidays.

Some people say, "It's just a toy. How can that make a difference?"

In our society, children learn at a very young age that if you're a good boy or girl, Santa will bring you a nice gift at Christmas.  But what happens when a parent can't afford a  gift, or they don't have parents at all?

Those children believe that they are "bad" and undeserving.  And, at Children's Fund, that is unacceptable to us. 

We strive to put a gift in every child's hands during the holidays.  There are over 175,000 children living in poverty in our county, and although we gave 33,000 gifts away last year, it's still not enough.  The need is even greater!

Please help us get closer to ensuring that every child knows they are special this December-that they are remembered, that they are "good" and that they are loved.

In addition to a donation today, if you'd like to organize a toy drive at your work or home, please call Shari at 909.379.0000. 

For more information about how we provide support, opportunity and hope, please visit

Thank you for your thoughtful support.

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