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Help us build the much needed New Handling Facility
at Chimfunshi's enclosure no. 2

Given the urgency of the matter, we have decided to dedicate this year’s Giving Day for Apes campaign to raise funds to expand the handling facility for our chimps at enclosure no. 2, home to Zsabu, “The Littles”, Mikey, Peppa, Violet, Don and 50 other resident chimpanzees.

This is the largest stable chimpanzee group in a captive / semi captive setting in the world. 

Like chimpanzees in the wild the group has a fission-fusion social organisation in that they break off into smaller interchangeable groups. Our 80 ha (200 acres) outdoor enclosure allows them to perform their natural behaviour perfectly well. But the handling facility does not, making this expansion and upgrade urgently needed as the current building is not adequate for the group's size and requirements.

Our indoor handling facility has several areas, which are used for supplementary feeding, for social integration, health observations and for urgent medical care if required. The majority of Chimfunshi’s chimpanzees spend most of their time outside in the forest as they would in the wild. They ‘visit’ the indoor handling facilities for approximately 90 minutes per day - up to their likings. 

Our goal this year is to raise 65,000 USD 
for a new building

This will enable us to 1) ensure equal feeding & veterinary attention of each chimpanzee within the group; 2) observe all individuals within the group regularly; 3) allow upkeep of the outdoor habitat, as it becomes difficult and unsafe to carry out maintenance works in the enclosure if all chimpanzees cannot go into the handling facility; 4) allow low ranking animals to access the handling facility without contact with high rankings; and 5) allow natural separation (fission) of individual groups as their wish (choice).

Choose the best support option for you:

$50+     construction of a New Handling Facility
$6 1kg welding rods
$7 1kg cement
$8 1 ton of sand
$20 1 package screw nails 3"
$35 1kg angle iron
$40 100kg 6” blocks
$270 1 of eight metal sliding doors

$100+ can be the kick off to become a Chimfunshi supporter. As an orphanage supporter you determine the amount of your donation. The minimum amount to be considered a supporter is $100/year.

Support the world's largest chimpanzee sanctuary 
Give 59 chimps a happy home

by making a donation until 12th of October 2021 through THIS webpage. Click DONATE and help us reach our goal.


Support the tireless work with our more than 140 resident chimpanzees, and let us make a difference for chimpanzees in need. 

Any donation, big or small, counts
Show us your love, DONATE today 💚 

From the entire Chimfunshi team – especially the chimps,


📷   The photos on this page are by courtesy of Jake Brooker and Thalita Calvi.

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