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 Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust, founded by Dave and Sheila Siddle in 1983 in North Western Zambia, is one of the largest and oldest chimpanzee sanctuaries of the world, home for 140 chimpanzees rescued from bushmeat/pet trade. Our hundreds of acres of pristine Miombo woodland provide  the rescued chimpanzees with the safe and social environment they deserve. Besides our duty rescuing chimpanzees in need, Chimfunshi also works to protect the Zambian local wildlife such as vervet monkeys, yellow baboons and birds prey among others, with their rescue, rehabilitation and following release in protected areas.

 With its main mission of rescuing and providing lifelong care for chimpanzees in need, independently of their geographical origin, and to promote awareness and education to the community for protection of the environment in collaboration with local and international institutions, Chimfunshi has become to occupy in the past few years a key role for rescuing chimps in need localized out of the “core chimp zone”, in areas with small populations, and no local sanctuaries. 

The chimpanzees at Chimfunshi live in large, enclosed, open forested areas of natural Miombo woodland. The sum of these forested enclosures is 900 acres. The majority of animals spend most of their time outside in the forest and sleep in ‘nests’ in the trees as they would in the wild. They are generally only in the indoor handling facilities for approximately 90 minutes of their day to ensure their health and wellbeing.                                   

Chimfunshi is not only an animal sanctuary but also sustains 70 families - about 300 people, 150 of whom are children. Our Twampane Community School on our grounds brings education to over 170 students, teaching from Grade 1 to Grade 9. Besides our focus on education, Chimfunshi offers basic medical care to all the community through our Community Health Post. Our school and clinic have had a major impact in our community as besides ours, the closest school and clinic are both around 20km away.


On the 1st of April, Chimfunshi took the difficult decision of closing its doors, for first time since its opening in 1983, to protect our resident chimpanzees, the amazing team and the community from COVID-19. Despite the extremely challenging times, the team keeps working tireless to ensure our chimpanzees are healthy, happy and cared as they deserve 🐵 

Our goal this year is to raise 35,000 USD

This will enable us to 1) continue providing life-long care to the 140 chimpanzees in our care, and 2) support our mission with the rescue of chimpanzees in need currently waiting in Southern Africa to come to Chimfunshi

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