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Help Us Purchase a Like-New Vehicle and Drive Change! 

You can help ensure that our Employment Specialists have the tools they need to navigate our community reliably and safely and continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve by donating to Chinook during the GiveBIG campaign.

Right now our team has to share vehicles. We only have enough cars for about 50% of our staff members at any one time, and several are aging out of service. Sometimes our staff finds themselves juggling vehicles even more than their schedules—it's like a game of musical chairs.

Picture this... 

A Subaru we’ve been using to help our customers get to work is nearing its end. Our customers work everywhere from Conway to LaConner to Anacortes, Oak Harbor and back to Mount Vernon again. 

We purchased this 2013 Subaru in 2016 for its all-wheel drive so our Employment Specialists could transport customers to work during those dark and rainy months as they navigate slippery roads. This was far better than asking them to rely on their own transportation to and from job sites.  

After 8 years in service, this old girl has served us well, but the costly repairs needed during 2024 have gotten us thinking about the day when she won’t start up in the morning.

But here's the problem— the Subaru is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can change all this by helping Chinook Enterprises raise $25,000 for GiveBIG 2024.

By making a donation during the GiveBIG campaign, you'll be helping raise funds for a like-new, safe, and fuel-efficient vehicle for our Employment Specialists to reach customers and employers. Your gift will help ensure they have the reliable transportation they need to reach our community members and make a real difference in their lives! 

You can participate in three ways: 

  1. Make a small donation that will contribute to help Chinook purchase a much needed, updated vehicle.
  2. Donate a vehicle you no longer need, preferably an all-wheel-drive rig, or contact a local dealership and see if they have something they can donate in-kind too. 
  3. Make a large enough donation to cover most or all of the cost of a vehicle.  

You can learn more about Chinook and our Employment Specialists on our website.


Customers like Tiffany depend on their Employment Specialists to aid in landing jobs, connect with employers, stay connected with Chinook’s team, and be as responsive as possible.

Tiffany is a determined and ambitious individual who has not let her visual impairment hold her back. While she faces unique challenges in her job search, she is not letting that discourage her from finding meaningful employment. Tiffany understands the importance of finding a job that values her skills and abilities, rather than focusing on her disability. She is actively pursuing opportunities that align with her interests and strengths. 

Tiffany would love a job in the community helping others. Tiffany enjoys hanging out with her husband, going to the Riverwalk and dancing in her free time. Tiffany's positive attitude and strong work ethic make her a valuable asset to any employer, and she is confident that she will find a job that allows her to shine. With determination and perseverance, Tiffany is well on her way to achieving her goal of finding fulfilling employment.

Please join with others around Skagit County and beyond who believe in our mission of inclusion, that everyone who wants a job should get a job – including people with disabilities and other barriers.  Are you in?

Yes! Here's My givebig gift!

Success Story: Sam starts her first job at the City of Sedro-Woolley!

Sam was looking for an employment opportunity for a year and she has now landed a job at City of Sedro-Woolley in a janitorial position. Sam has been very enthusiastic about her new role.

Sam is enjoying working with all her new coworkers and loves telling them jokes. Her favorite joke to tell is “ What do you call a cow with 3 legs?............A tri-tip!” Sam’s Employment Specialists are currently working on finding new adaptive equipment to help her gain more independence at her job. 

If you are ever at City of Sedro-Woolley, stop by and say Hi to Sam!

Whether it's a small generous donation or a larger contribution, every bit helps get closer to our goal of purchasing a new vehicle so our customers and staff can get where they need to go. Together, we can drive change and create a brighter future for everyone. 


Here's my Givebig gift!

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