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You can't start dealing with a person's trauma if they're hungry. You probably know CHRIS 180 primarily as a behavioral health organization. But we are feeding more than 4,000 of the pandemic's economically hardest-hit people every week during this crisis.

We need YOU now more than ever.

You can help by starting an online fundraiser. Choose a goal from the list below, and share with your family and friends. While many of us are at home, sheltering in place, we can still do something to help!

  • $75 puts gas in one of our delivery vans, getting medications and food to people who need it!
  • $250 provides hygiene products for clients in the community for one month - we all know how important it is to keep our hands clean right now!
  • $750 to feeds our Westside community clients for one day
  • $1, 500 provides cleaning supplies for clients in the community for one month
  • $2, 000 provides food for families in the community on Atlanta’s east and south sides each week

Providing food is just a small part of what we're doing in response to the pandemic (you can read more here). We are focused on the people who need us, and on getting them what they need today.

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