Christian Aid Ministries

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CAM has a variety of programs and projects in a number of countries. Annually, CAM distributes approximately 15 million pounds of food, clothing, medicines, seeds, and Christian literature in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Haiti, Nicaragua, Liberia, and various other countries. Most of CAM's relief programs involve material aid, which is mostly channeled to needy Christians as a source of support and encouragement. CAM provides aid to Christians and non-Christians alike who are victims of wars, economic hardships, or natural disasters. CAM's primary goal is to spread the Gospel and shine forth as a Christian example while providing aid and relief because everyone's greatest need can only be met with a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The ministry also provides Bibles and other Christian literature translated into local languages. Among these are the ministry's Seed of Truth magazine, which circulates 100,000 copies each month in Haitian Creole, Romanian, English and Russian. A German newsletter also is published, going mostly to about 400 Mennonite readers in Latin America. Source:

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Christian Aid Ministries

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