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The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) was established in 1962 by the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Initially a disaster response and adoption agency, CRWRC expanded its focus in 1979 to include international community development programs and eventually merged a third foci, justice education, into its vision and mission. Today, CRWRC is a well-established, binational organization with reputation for innovative and sustainable grass-roots development and relief work around the world.


CRWRC is showing God's love to 300,000 people in poverty this year. We work with them and their communities to create positive, permanent change worldwide. To do this, CRWRC: 1. Builds Leaders - CRWRC works alongside 190 churches and community organizations in some of the world's poorest countries to equip them to meet the needs of their neighbors. This allows programs to continue long after CRWRC funding and partnership ends. 2. Strengthens Churches - by working through churches, CRWRC strengthens the witness of God's love to people in need. While programs are offered to people regardless of their religious background, the outreach of churches has improved their image in communities, strengthened their ministries, and resulted in more believers. 3. Pursues justice - CRWRC helps local leaders identify key issues in their communities that are keeping people poor. This can include civil unrest, lack of land ownership, gender inequality, child labor, or international debt. We then help them to organize and advocate for change. 4. Improves lives - CRWRC helps local churches and community organizations design programs that will help people help themselves. This includes programs in literacy, health, agriculture, income generation, and environmental stewardship. As a result more than 300,000 people took steps to imrpove their lives last year. 5. Promotes Action - CRWRC helps North Americans develop their understanding of global and domestic poverty so that they can get involvd in a solution. This includes education, and opportunities to experience CRWRC's ministry through volunteering. 6. Responds to Disasters - CRWRC also responds to the needs of those affected by disasters. This includes providing emergency food, shelter, and supplies to those most in need. For North American disasters, it also includes sending volunteers to disaster sites to clear debris, assess needs, repair homes, and help communities rebuild their lives for the long-term.

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