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To honor Peggy Zink, the retiring President & CEO of Cincinnati Works, and her 13 years of visionary leadership, we’ve established the Peggy Zink Legacy Fund. This discretionary fund will champion the strategic growth she nurtured, set up the new CEO for continued success, and sustain Peggy's legacy. 

Peggy is a poverty changemaker who is a passionate advocate for those in poverty. She's provided community leadership and expertise around eliminating poverty and has been at the forefront of making our community more equitable and inclusive.

She has led Cincinnati Works for half of the organization’s existence, and put thousands of people and families on a path to a better life. Her innovative influence has guided Cincinnati Works to great success. Just a few of her accomplishments include: 

  • Launched the workforce coaching program to better support underemployed workers in our community
  • Introduced and expanded our financial wellness program
  • Prioritized data transparency, with investments in technology and analytics to improve tracking and reporting outcomes

Please consider making a gift in honor of Peggy’s lasting impact. With your support, the Peggy Zink Legacy Fund will help us to continue Peggy’s tremendous work for generations to come.    

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