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Mission Statement

 CitiWide Pre-Vocational Center (CitiWide) is a nonprofit integrated technology organization that delivers basic computer skills, education enrichment, workforce training, life skills and financial literacy to District of Columbia residents, leading to industry recognized certification. CitiWide provides its clients with effective and affordable training in a friendly state-of-the-art facility, accompanied by a dedicated and professional staff, committed to providing a learning environment conducive to productivity.   CitiWide “trains tomorrow’s workforce today”.

 Vision Statement 

 CitiWide’s vision is to improve the employability skills and prospects for low income individuals and families in Washington, D.C. Since 1993, we have trained and provided services to over 15,500 individuals. Over one-third (5,600) of whom are immigrants from Latin American and African countries as in South America, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Senegal, Gambia, Kenya and a host of other countries. CitiWide works in partnership with other nonprofit agencies and governmental agencies that provide workforce development services. The goal of our workforce development programs is to continue digital awareness in low-income communities and economic empowerment amongst low-income and immigrant population, and provide an avenue towards employment in occupations that can pay a livable wage.

 CitiWide improves the occupational and employability prospects of low-income families in D.C. Our services provide enduring hope, courage, sustainability and productivity to youth and adults in our community.  We train tomorrow’s workforce today! 

Services Provided

 CitiWide provides variety of services to D.C families as follows:

  1. Basic computer technology training for those in need of computer literacy. 
    1. Using Microsoft Office as a training tool, backed by excellent hardware. Instituting 75 students every 8 weeks, with sufficient space to handle 15-20 people at a time. 
  2. Health Care Training that includes OSHA safety programs, 
    1. CPR/First Aid, and 
    2. Automated Electric Defibrillator (AED). Classes have availabilities for 60 potential students every 6 weeks (space to handle 15-20 people a session). 
  3. An educational program that provides:
    1. GED; 
    2. ABE; 
    3. ESL and language access assistant program and career development training. Classes are currently scheduled to handle 45 students for each education program (15-20 people a session). 
  4. Workforce and job placement training program for DC youth and families. CitiWide takes care of up to 60 students for six weeks at a time (15-20 students a session) during summer annually. 
  5. Immigration/citizenship education assistance, arts and cultural enrichment. 
  6. After school and summer programs for youth ages 14-21 years old. CitiWide currently handles 250 students every year for after school and summer programs.
  7. Financial Literacy to youth on money management, credit establishment and rebuilding.
  8. CitiWide, in collaboration with other community-based organizational partners provides: housing, social services, case management, healthcare referrals and food programs to low-income DC residents.

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