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The heart and soul of Clark Fork City Church is "HELP PEOPLE FIND THEIR WAY BACK TO GOD. As a local church we are a community of everyday citizens, seeking to embrace our cities and nations with the love, hope and goodness of a compassionate and faithful God.


Our church started over 36 years ago as a team of young leaders felt a call to move all the way from Alaska to Missoula Montana to start a life-giving church.  We continue to forge ahead with the same pioneer spirit that our church began with. We are captured by an incredible mission, the mission of extending God's love to a hurting world.  


There are two ways to see our life and possessions.  One is through the perspective of ownership, whereby i and my life and possessions belong to me alone.  The other is through the perspective of stewardship, whereby i and my life and possessions belong to God and are to be invested for his purposes and the mission we believe we are called on together.  

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2811 Latimer St
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