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Sam* lived in his own house in a neighborhood that was beginning to fall to crime.  His house became the ‘hangout’ for people who stole from local businesses among other things.  Being afraid to speak up for himself out of fear for his life, he allowed these individuals to negatively influence him and he eventually lost his full-time job, almost lost his house and began having serious health issues relating to his diabetes.  CCARC consistently counseled Sam about his ‘choice’ to call the police to keep the people away and continuously offered supports to get him back on track.   CCARC also continued to monitor his health needs and sought additional supports to educate him about his diabetes and what would happen if he didn’t get his unhealthy lifestyle under control.  Eventually, after there was gunfire close to Sam’s house, Sam, with the support of CCARC, went to the police who in turn ensured he was no longer bothered by the thugs that had taken over his house and street.  Through CCARC’s Community Service and Supported Employment programs, Sam is now living in his house without fear, has returned to his full-time job, stays on top of his diabetes and according to him, “has his life back”!!

 Sharon* lived with her family member.  Sharon’s health continued to decline and it became a struggle to walk a few yards much less walking the length of a hallway.  After being verbally mistreated and told by the family member supporting her that she ‘couldn’t wait until she died’, Sharon had had enough.  She told her CCARC support Staff that she had not been getting her medicine and what her family member had said.  Further investigation revealed that not only had she not been taking her meds, her family member had supported her to open charge accounts and had even filed bankruptcy in Sharon’s name.  At Sharon’s request, CCARC supported her to move into her own house and is now receiving adequate health and financial supports.  Sharon is now able to exercise and even dance!!  She says, although she loves her family member, she would never live with them again.  Years of CCARC teaching Sharon about her right to be free from Abuse, Neglect, and Mistreatment, and to Advocate for herself, finally paid off!!

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