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Our message is simple: We focus on the first five years of life!

At the Clemson Child Development Center (CCDC) we are committed to promoting brain development. Research tells us that 90% of brain development occurs in the first five years of life.  During these early years children develop neural connections in their brains when they have loving relationships with their caregivers and their daily environment is enriched.  Consequently, how a child’s brain develops totally depends on us and the choices we make to provide them with a good beginning that never ends.  

Children who receive a high-quality early education will experience better outcomes over the course of their lives.  They achieve higher reading levels, earn better test scores, and demonstrate increased high school graduation and college enrollment.  Families of those children have lower rates of drug and alcohol abuse, reduced criminal activity, and a lower probability of abuse and neglect. In the long run, early childhood support improves economic development by building an educated work force capable of increased earnings and consumer spending, resulting in tax-paying citizens.

CCDC is an ABC Quality Early Learning Center dedicated to the highest quality standards in early childhood care and education.  Our work focuses on the first five years of life, a one-time opportunity to change lives.  Our commitment reflects a vision that every child attending our school will have equal opportunity for success because CCDC provides equitable access to a foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Early Childhood Education like that provided by CCDC has the power to break the cycle of generational poverty and breaks down barriers to economic stability.

Children who have high quality early childhood learning experiences in the first five years of life start ahead.  Children who start ahead, stay ahead.  Your donation to the Clemson Child Development Center will have a lasting lifelong impact on the children we serve.  Your generosity will make a real difference! Help us provide a high-quality early childhood education for children in the Clemson community who might otherwise not have access to a better world.

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